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Posted by Ne7ers - October 11th, 2010

I must have made my last post about a year ago, seeing as i was ranting about going back to University and now Im starting another rant after a very long Summer holiday!

Things have been a bit slow for my thread here recently, I doubt Ill even be able to find it as its hidden so far back under loads of new threads, if anyone knows an easy way for me to search it out then I'm all ears!

So I'm in my final year, I have to write 6000 words and complete 500 hours of drawing before i can even start to look forward to Christmas. I guess this means i should have lots of new stuff for you guys to see, but i don't know how much time Ill have to even go on here, let alone sleep.

Again watch this space guys and i hope to post up a few more drawings soon!

Posted by Ne7ers - October 2nd, 2009

Juggling between the artwork i produce in my free time and the stuff i get assigned to produce at University is always a challenge. After my first year i soon noticed that anything i had done to improve my drawing skills had been accomplished outside of my University work, and it began to frustrate me that i was pouring so much time and money into something that sucked so much inspiration away from my free thinking creativity.

Before i went to University i took a year out after school to work as a Graphics artist for a small company - which i hated. The year out, paired with my experience so far at Uni has taught me one important thing...

For me, Art is most definately an all or nothing business. If i was to compromise with an art job that i hated, my inspiration would soon dry up along with my passion for art, in a way, this has been a driving force which has scared me into making sure i give it my all and make it to the top! If i dont, expect to see me working in a Macdonalds somewhere.

Im hoping that my second year will be a lot more fun, and that i will have more freedom in which to better my style and post more stuff up here.

Wish me luck!