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Back to University

2009-10-02 22:22:25 by Ne7ers

Juggling between the artwork i produce in my free time and the stuff i get assigned to produce at University is always a challenge. After my first year i soon noticed that anything i had done to improve my drawing skills had been accomplished outside of my University work, and it began to frustrate me that i was pouring so much time and money into something that sucked so much inspiration away from my free thinking creativity.

Before i went to University i took a year out after school to work as a Graphics artist for a small company - which i hated. The year out, paired with my experience so far at Uni has taught me one important thing...

For me, Art is most definately an all or nothing business. If i was to compromise with an art job that i hated, my inspiration would soon dry up along with my passion for art, in a way, this has been a driving force which has scared me into making sure i give it my all and make it to the top! If i dont, expect to see me working in a Macdonalds somewhere.

Im hoping that my second year will be a lot more fun, and that i will have more freedom in which to better my style and post more stuff up here.

Wish me luck!


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2009-12-23 23:08:49

good luck


2010-01-05 01:19:10

Good luck mate! Agreed. I have been haunted this year with the understanding that the music I wrote 3 years ago crushes all compositions I do now. It is sad, because this is my first year to take any kind of official music theory/composition class, yet this year also seems to be my most troubling and arduous to write anything halfway decent [I'm sorry, I must acknowledge that it is now 2010 and I suppose anything is possible from henceforth]. I suppose in the end however I might be comprised of a novelty of skills to aid my writing, but so far it has not worked out that great.

Every now and then I will find moments when I am traced back to the passion at which I wrote music "back in the day" and will be able to conceive something I believe to be real, but more often than not the work ethic I must abide by now seems to shackle my musical abilities. This winter break gave me some time to alleviate that pain and-I suppose we will have to see what the rest of this new year holds.

However, good luck to you sir! I wish you luck with your artistic muses. Yes, go all out all the time and we might find a inkling of success in our footsteps. And I certainly hope that passion for art does not dry up, your portfolio on newgrounds still inspires me.


2010-01-29 17:35:00

Good luck boy